Guatemala Pastors Retreat

April 22-30

Since 2015 Crossroads Church has been in partnership with other pastors, leaders and churches to help support and breathe life into local Guatamalan pastors and their churches. The primary function of our annual (or biannual) trips is to host a Pastors Retreat for those pastoring in remote, impoverished villages. Many of these pastors have left good jobs, modern city conveniences, friends and family to follow God's call into the mountain villages. The work is hard and the conditions are difficult. We go every year so that these pastors know they are not alone. We go to bring refreshment, hope and life so they are empowered to continue in the calling they have received!


Guatemala Missions TRIP

Hi! My name is Trevv. I'm a husband and father of two and this will be my FIRST missions trip! I cannot thank you enough for considering being a part of it through financial and prayer support. I'm really stoked to follow this call to "go" from the Lord. I pray I remain an open vessel for the Lord to use and instruct as He pleases. 100% of your donations will go towards my travel, lodging, and meals for the trip. This allows me to focus all of my energy on how to best serve this community. By donating, you’re enabling us to provide necessary support and love to these faithful Pastors who need it. Please consider committing to pray for the team and me as the trip approaches as well as for the duration of when we’re serving. We understand this cannot be done without the hand of God and the prayers and support of you! If you would, please reach out to me to let me know how I can be praying for you this week as well! Shoot me a text at 402-318-2460 and even keep it anonymous if you’d like!”

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