Groups Schedule

We offer a variety of different group options throughout the week providing an opportunity for everyone to find a place to belong.

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  • Women's

    Mondays   \\   6.30pm   \\   at Crossroads Church

    This groups invites all women who want to study God's Word and grow in relationship with God and other women in the church. 

  • Senior's

    Tuesdays   \\   2:00pm   \\   at Crossroads Church

    Lead by Rodney and Malinda Hinrichs, this lively group of senior adults meets weekly to study God's Word together and grow in relationship with one another.

  • Home Group

    Wednesdays  \\  6:30pm  \\   at the Jefferson's house (4215 S. 43th St.)

    This group gathers weekly to discuss the past week's message and explore practical ways to put God's Word into action.

  • Youth

    Wednesday   \\   6:30   \\   Crossroads Church

    6th-12th grade students are invited to gather at church to connect with other middle school and high schoolers, have a little fun, study God's Word through teaching and discuss how to live it out in age specific groups.

  • Youth Parents

    Wednesday   \\   6:30   \\ across the street from Crossroads

    Drop off your 6th - 12th grader at church and walk across the street for a group designed specifically for parents of youth. This group is currently discussing the topic of raising engaged young people.