Weekly Services


Sunday 9.00 & 10.45 am

At each weekend service you will be warmly greeted as you arrive. Grab a free cup of coffee, juice and a Krispy Kreme donut at our cafe and make yourself at home.


As the service begins the worship band will lead us in vibrant, heartfelt music as we worship our God together. Following the worship, you will be encouraged, challenged and inspired as the Word of God is presented in a way that is relevant to today's issues and inspired by God.


Wednesday (Sept-May)

This is not another Bible study or sermon, but rather a gathering of individuals with like-faith to grow together in Christ. 

Because we can’t do it alone!

Every Wednesday looks different. The purpose, however, remains the same - to grow together as a community of faith. Since this night is designed around people and not a program, the format changes weekly. We know you’re busy, so we’ve combined multiple ministry opportunities all into one, easy-to-schedule format – Wednesday nights.

Check out our CROSSROADS COMMUNITY page to see what’s coming up this Wednesday.