Be The Church

East to say, but if we really want to “be the church” then we must invest in the church. No, not a building campaign. We’re talking about investing our lives into relationships that make up the Body of Christ. 

This is hard to do in the midst of a busy weekend service, which is why we’ve purposed Thursday nights as a night to “Be The Church!” It’s not another Bible study or sermon, but rather a gathering of individuals with like-faith to grow together in Christ. Because we can’t do it alone!

Each Thursday may look a little different. The purpose, however, remains the same, to develop together as a community of faith, but the format is free to change. We know you’re busy, so we’ve combined multiple ministry opportunities all into one, easy-to-schedule format – Thursday nights. 

Scroll down to see what’s coming up this Thursday.

Crossroads Community Schedule

THURSDAYS @ 6.30pm

CLASSES are offered on the 1st & 3rd weeks of the month.

WORSHIP & PRAYER NIGHT is the 2nd week of the month.

FRIENDS & FAMILY is the 4th week of the month.

(Youth Group & Kids Discipleship classes are offered each week.)

  • Class #1 - To Live Is Christ: A study of Philippians

    "To Live Is Christ" is a small group study of the book of Philippians. Dig deep and observe the attitude, lifestyle, actions and thinking of Christ as described by the Apostle Paul. The small group format allows for questions, interaction and personal exploration of the text. You will leave challenged and excited to life as Christ.

    Feb 2nd & 16th; Mar 2nd & 16th; April 6th & 20th

  • CLASS #2 - Bridges: Connecting Christians With Muslims

    "Bridges" is a unique class put on by an organization called Crescent Project whose purpose is to educate American Christians on Islam so as to be able to better engage with and build relationships with the Muslims living around us so that we may be able to share the hope of Christ.

    Feb 2nd & 16th; Mar 2nd & 16th; April 6th & 20th

  • WOrship & Prayer Night

    This is one of our favorite nights of the month. These evening will be filled with worship with moments of personal, group and congregation prayer scattered throughout. Join us for the most powerful service at Crossroads Church all month!

    Feb 9th, March 9th, April 13th, May 11th

  • Friends & Family Night

    If you're like most of us you know that developing relationships is important and you keep saying, "We ought to have __________ over for dinner." But there's just not enough time. Well, we believe in relationships so much that we've taken the night off once a month just to give you the opportunity to spend time with the body of Christ outside the four walls of the church. So pick up the phone and invite a friend to dinner on the fourth Thursday of the month and don't feel guilty for skipping church. After all, we are the church!

    Feb 23rd, Mar 23rd, April 27th, May 25th